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Rotary Synergy Pitchfest


About the organizer

Synergy Pitchfest ’22 is organized by Rotary International(RI) District 3232 whose members are spread across Chennai, India. With more than 7000 members in RI Dist 3232, this event will provide a great opportunity for Anns and Annettes as well.

Under dynamic leadership of DG Rtn J Sridhar, RI Dist 3232 has been doing several projects every month that has impacted thousands of lives in Tamilnadu and India.

Therefore, Rotary Conference Synergy ’22 is going be a mega event filled with networking, fellowship, entertainment, knowledge sharing and a great opportunity for youngsters as well.



Conference Chairman Rtn Vinod Saraogi has been a great entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.

He has been passionately leading a huge committee of Rotarians for organizating this mega conference Rotary Synergy ’22. To nuture budding entrepreneurs, he conceived the idea of including PitchFest into this fantastic event of Synergy ’22.