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Rotary Synergy Pitchfest


Why Rotary Synergy '22 Pitchfest?

We are extremely delighted to invite Smart young Annettes who have Brilliant Project Ideas to participate in the “Seed Funding Pitch or Ideation camp” organized by SYNERGY’22, Conference Team under Chairmanship of Rtn. Vinod Saraogi.

There is lot of talent among the Anns, Annettes apart from Rotarians/Rotaractors and they have brilliant ideas which can be converted to a very successful Business proposal.

Conference Chairman Rtn Vinod Saraogi is happy to nurture budding entrepreneurs through Synergy PitchFest ’22. 

Any idea which makes a Difference, which Serves to help a large section of the end users can be converted to viable commercial Project.  It is the dream of every Parent that their child thinks differently and has the skills to put ideas into action which will make them BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS.  

SEED FUNDING PITCH should provide(or address the following points):

  1. A proper Project Idea
  2. Implementation Plan
  3. How it will benefit a large section of people?
  4. How different is your idea from existing ones? What is innovative in your idea?
  5. Why do you think your target audience should buy your Product or Service?
  6. Why do you think your idea requires Seed Funding?
  7. Why do you think this idea will pay back multi fold in a short duration of time?
  8. Do you think it is implementable across India?

 One major criterion for shortlisting your pitch plan is the special innovative attribute to the product or service that you propose.

There are two parts in the Synergy 22 PitchFest:

While registering your pitch, we provide you the option to specify whether your project is in Idea Stage or in Validated Stage (with some market trials, pilot, etc.). Your entry will be categorized into one of the following:


1. Ideation camp 
2. Seed Funding Pitch (Open for Rotarians, Rotaractors, Anns & Annettes)

Ideation Camp

If your idea is in early stage with no project or no implementation plan possible in the near future, you can register for our ideation camp. Through this camp, you will be provided entrepreneurship training to nurture your idea into a viable business.

Seed Funding

Entries that are ready with complete project plans with market validation will be shortlisted for Seed Funding Pitch. Upto Top 10 Best applicants will be invited for the district conference SYNERGY 22 for a 3 minute Pitch and declared winners for Seed Funding.

SYNERGY’22 is providing you this wonderful platform to win either Seed Funding or Ideation TrainingAlso, dozens of awards will be given. So, What is stopping you?  Hurry!! Register now